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You can sign up for the competition and choose the category by filling out the application form below.

Signing up for the competition ends 1.10.2022. We will send a confirmation email to all successful applicants in August 2022. Check that the email address you provided is correct in order for us to contact you.

There are limited spots in each category and positions will be filled on a first come first served basis. Ensure you complete the application form as soon as possible to secure your spot in the competition.

Available spots per category:

  • Creative make-up (SM- students) - max. 20
  • Creative make-up (SM- professionals) - max. 20
  • (SM) Facepainting - max. 15
  • Technical Beauty makeup for pro`s - max. 20
  • Bodypainting - max. 15
  • SFX for the face - max. 15
  • New Comer Award: Technical Beauty Make-up max. 20

In the bodypainting category, you are allowed to work alone, or with 1 assistant, or work with another artist as a team. Write the name of your assistant or your partner to the additional information field and also his/her title (partner/assistant). You will be both credited as the main artists of your work if you choose to work with a partner. If you choose to work with an assistant she/he won’t be credited as an artist. This case only the main make-up artist will be mentioned as an artist.

Sign up fees per category:

  • Creative Make-up (SM- students) - 75€
  • Creative Make-up (SM- professionals) - 85€
  • Special Award: Facepainting - 85€
  • Special Award: Technical Beauty Make-up for pro´s - 85€
  • (SM) Bodypainting - 85€
  • Special Award: SFX for the face - 85€
  • New Comer: Technical Beauty Make-up - 85 €

Once we have received your sign up form and confirmed your place in the competition no refunds will be granted.

Professional make-up artists of Finland reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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